The Zombies are a team in Werewolf Online. It begins with just one player (the Zombie).[1]

Team formation


Bitten Villager

Each night, the Zombie can 'bite' one player. This player will be shown as 'bitten' for the remainder of that night and the next day, before getting turned into a Zombie the next night.

Team description

Any player that is not on the Werewolf team can be turned into a Zombie. This player will lose all abilities from their previous role and will be able to bite and convert other players. Players on the Zombie team can talk to each other during the night, and each Zombie can select one player to bite. Because of this, the Zombies can quickly win the game.

Win conditions

The Zombies win if all possible players have been converted and when all werewolves have been killed.


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