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The Zombie's Vote

The zombie is an unknown role. It is a newer role in werewolf, featured in all game modes except for Quick Game. It has a 25 percent chance of being in a Sandbox Mode game.[1]

Role description

Each night the Zombie can bite one player which will turn that player into a Zombie (unless they are a Werewolf, Cursed, President, Sect Leader or Sect Members). Every zombie can bite their own person each night. The bitten player will be converted the next night.

Win conditions

The zombies win if every player has been converted into a zombie. This tends to happen a lot in games with zombies, as each zombie can bite a different player.

In-game description

Every night you can bite a player which will turn into a zombie at the end of the next night. Bitten players will remain in their team for one day before converting. All zombies can select different targets. Only players from the village team can be converted. You win if all players have been converted.


  • The zombie gets its own voting icon at night.


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