Wolf Shaman Enchant

The Wolf Shaman's Enchantment

The Wolf Shaman is currently a role in the Werewolf team. It is present in Ranked and some rotations of the Quick Game. It used to replace the Junior Werewolf in Quick Game and Sandbox Mode.[1]

Role description

Each night the Wolf Shaman can vote on a player to kill and talk with the other Werewolves. During the day, the Shaman can put an Enchantment on another player. This will make that player appear as a Shaman Werewolf to the Seer, Aura Seer or Detective.

Win conditions

The Wolf Shaman wins with the Werewolves.


  • If the Shaman chooses someone to enchant before they die in the day, that person will still be enchanted that night. Most people do not believe this is true so be careful.


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