The Wolf Shaman's Enchantment

The Wolf Shaman is a role in the Werewolf team that can manipulate the information of the village seers. It is present in Ranked and some rotations of Quick Game. It used to replace the Junior Werewolf in Quick Game.

Role description

At night, the Wolf Shaman can talk and vote with the other werewolves. During the day, the Wolf Shaman can enchant another player. This will make that player appear as a Wolf Shaman to the Seer, Aura Seer and Detective for the next night.

The Spirit Seer's information cannot be manipulated by Wolf Shaman.

The Wolf Shaman cannot enchant anybody on the first night and when they are the last werewolf alive.

If the Wolf Shaman chooses someone to enchant and then dies during the day, that player will not appear as Wolf Shaman that night.

Win conditions

The Wolf Shaman wins with the Werewolves.


  • At night, the other werewolves can see which player has been enchanted by Wolf Shaman.
  • The Wolf Shaman's enchantment symbol is a pink paw.
  • If the Wolf Shaman tries to enchant a player whose role is revealed, they will see a message warning that this is likely not meaningful and asking for confirmation, such as: "This player's role (Mayor) has been revealed to all players. Enchanting them will probably not confuse the seers. Do you want to enchant them anyways?"


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