The Wolf Seer is a role in the Werewolf team. It is present in all current game modes. It used to be interchangeable with the sorcerer, but now it is used in every game.[1]

Role description

Each night the Wolf Seer can see the role of one player. They can talk with the other Werewolves and provide any information they found. However, the Wolf Seer cannot vote on a player to kill unless they resign their ability to see roles. If they are the last Werewolf alive they instantly resign their seeing ability.

Win conditions

The Wolf Seer wins with the Werewolves.


  • The Wolf Seer replaces the sorcerer as of the 0.12.1-0.13.0 update. The Wolf Seer can speak with the wolves while the sorcerer can not.
  • The Wolf Seer had quite a few user-submitted sprites before the current one was chosen.


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