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The Werewolf team is the main evil team that is trying to kill the Village team. They start off with more information than the Town, knowing each other. A full game starts with 4 werewolves. Any type of werewolf is not able to be converted to the Sect or bitten by a Zombie.[1]


The Werewolves win if there are the same number of wolves as villagers, as they will have the most voting power. However, all solo killing and solo converting roles must be killed as well.


Random roles

Werewolf Strength

Some roles rely on the "strength" of a wolf. For example, Tough Guys and Beast Hunters are able to find the weakest werewolf. Here is the strength order, from weakest to strongest:

  • Werewolf
  • Junior Werewolf
  • Nightmare Werewolf
  • Kitten Wolf
  • Wolf Shaman
  • Wolf Pacifist
  • Shadow Wolf
  • Guardian Wolf
  • Werewolf Berserk
  • Alpha Werewolf
  • Wolf Seer


At night, players on the werewolf team can identify their teammates by a paw on the bottom left of that player's avatar. An exception to this is for the sorcerer, as a sorcerer cannot vote or talk with fellow wolves. The wolves can talk in a separate chat during the night. This can be used to discuss who to kill and exchange info. The wolves also simultaneously select a player they want to kill. Whoever has been selected by the most werewolves will be killed, unless they were protected in some way. If there is a tie, one of the voted players will die, chosen by the strength of wolves. If none of the Werewolves vote, no one will die.


During the day, the werewolves have the same abilities as a normal villager. The exceptions to this are Wolf Shaman, Werewolf Berserk, Junior Werewolf, Nightmare Werewolf, Guardian Wolf, Wolf Pacifist and Shadow Wolf


Jail Cell Bars

Werewolf Berserk Frenzy

  • If one of the Werewolves is put in jail, the rest of the team can see this. That player's icon will have prison cell bars on their avatar.
  • If the Werewolf berserk activated its frenzy, the werewolves will be notified by an icon. It will also be notified through the werewolves chat. The villagers used to be able to see it but this was removed.
  • You can enable a setting that you can see all your teammates' roles instead of paws.



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