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To keep Werewolf Online wiki running smoothly, some users have access to a few additional features to keep things running smoothly.

Current wiki Admins

Below is a list of admins on the wiki. Active admins are coloured in green and inactive admins (or those who no longer have the privilege) are coloured in blue.

  • Jigsaw's game (founder, inactive)
  • Vytautas (ex-admin)
  • LimeInABush (inactive)
  • Maxim Muijlaert (inactive)
  • SlayerAnimss
  • WereOceloT
  • Arnaudwwo

Admin abilities

Below are the features which admins have:

  • Deleting and undeleting pages and files
  • Protecting pages so they cannot be edited by certain user groups
  • Blocking users and IP addresses to prevent vandalism or other rule breaking
  • Reverting edits (rollback) quicker
  • Editing the layout and design of the wiki

For a guide on how to use these abilities, click here.

Misuse of administrator abilities

Admins are not 'in charge' of the wiki. They are simply experienced users there to clean things up and stop disorder ensuing. Never, at any time, should admin abilities be misused to settle an argument, edit war or other disagreement.

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