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About the Game

Werewolf Online is an Android and an iOS game made by two developers, Philipp Eichhorn and Emanuel Eimer.

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Current Rating Of The Game

  • 92% for Play Store
  • 94% for App Store

Currently Supported Languages For The Game

English, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Belarusian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Danish, Estonian, French, Finnish, Filipino, German, Greek, Hindi, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lao, Lithuanian, Latvian, Malay, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, West Frisian.

Age Rating

  • 3+ for PEGI
  • 12+ for App Store (Fear Themes)

Game Price

  • Play Store: Free
  • App Store: Free

For a list of in-app purchases, click here.

Other Stuff

This wiki also contains Werewolf Offline roles, Game Staff, Discord Side Servers and much, much more

Game modes

Werewolf online has a number of game modes:

Gamemode: Description:
Quick Game The Quick Game is the first game mode. Here the game will simply pairs you up with other players for a simple and quick game, it is great for casual players that want to know how to play and test out the game.
Ranked Games Ranked Games allows you to play against more skilled players. It has its own seasons, leaderboards and prizes. Ranked becomes playable only after you get 35 wins.
Custom Games Custom Games is an interesting game mode. Here you can join and create games with custom roles, rules and features.
Play with Friends Play with Friends allows you to have a private server with your friends, if you do not have enough players to start a game, you and your friends will be moved to a quick game, where you can still play together, just with other people.
Sandbox mode Sandbox mode is a testing mode, in which you can help Philipp and Emanuel fix bugs and help make Werewolf Online a better game! Here you can try out new roles and features.
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