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The Werewolf Online Testers Club solves issues relating to bugs and other problems in the game.[1]


Every Wednesday at 18 pm and every Sunday at 16 pm (CEST), there is a test. It is announced by a mod, and each member can join the test by typing "tester" in a bot channel, followed by your in-game name. There is a maximum of 16 testers. Then, you will have access to a private chat, explaining you how will the test process. The test is always in custom games with a password protection, which is told at the start of the test.

Other info

  • The test to try and get the maximum amount of days passed happens every first Sunday of the month
  • You can suggest tests (and get the answer if it doesn't fit / is already answered)
  • You can sometimes buy your spot 30 minutes earlier, for 5000 of unbelievaboat money 
  • You can get banned from testing if you break the rules
  • You can get an in-game bug hunter badge for participating in 7 tests


  1. Werewolf Online Discord Server
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