The Werewolf Online Designers Club was an official Discord side server.[1] It became unofficial and got discontinued.

WWO Designers Club

"The main purpose of the server is to help design items for Werewolf Online."

How to Apply

""To apply for the designer role you post your designs in #designer-apply, if Staff likes your designs you get access to the club channels. Including #avatar-ideas which is where you can post your designs (when you're a designer). You can also post your design ideas in #ideas even if you're not a designer (Ideas not designs)!"" ― taken from the Discord information channel. An item has to be successfully voted, in order to be implemented into the game.


Designer Badge

This badge is for people who have made an outfit that made it into the game.

Epic Designer Badge

This badge for the designers who have made more than 5 outfits.


Additionally, the server hosts tournaments "from time to time". These tournaments were open to the public and are meant to create a certain type of avatar. Prizes will be awarded for the winning submission.


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