There have been many Werewolf Online Changes since the game first released on February 28th, 2018. The game is still in beta, and feedback from the community has influenced the game.

Basic Changes


  • Up until the beginning of 2019, the background had no trees, and the sky was slightly brighter.
  • In February, 2019, the background was changed to have be snow themed with trees.
  • The background was changed to be the original colors, with a slightly darker sky.


  • Near the end of June, 2019, new music was added for Solo-Killing Roles and Jailer.

Gameplay Changes


  • The Sorcerer was swapped with the Werewolf Seer.
  • Due to the village being too powerful, one Seer and Aura Seer were removed from quickplay, and the werewolves were given the Werewolf Seer.

Game Size

Before it was vote to start, the game could be started early by the first person in the lobby, with a minimum of 8 players to start a game.
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