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"Defend your village from the forces of evil or become a werewolf and hunt your friends!" ― Description on Google Play

Werewolf Online is an online multiplayer role-playing game. It was developed by Philipp Eichhorn and Emanuel Eimer.[1]


The game Werewolf Online has been compared to Mafia and Town Of Salem. It has the same type of gameplay with a twist. In Mafia, you have two teams battling to win. In WWO you have several roles villagers, werewolves, solo roles, and killer roles all vying to win. Available on Android and ios.


Werewolf on line has several different game modes; Quick-game/Classic, Sandbox, Ranked, Custom and Spectator. A game can consist of up to 16 players. Villagers will have seers to look up roles at night. They will give the info during the day in the discussion period. For villagers to win they must get rid of the night dangers/killers. Werewolves will also have a seer, but they are able to kill at night. There is also Cupid and their couple. For couple to win you must be the last 2 standing unless the 3rd is Cupid. For werewolves to win they must get rid of the other night dangers in essence Sect, Zombie, Serial Killer, Arsonist, Bomber, and Bandits. Headhunter and Fool are solo roles. Headhunter will try to convince you that their target should be voted by the other players, their target cannot be shot or killed at night, Headhunter can only win with a vote. If the Headhunter target dies by other means he becomes one of the villagers. Fool can only win by being voted off. The Sect and Zombie will win if they kill all the night dangers and turn villagers into sect/zombie. Arsonist, Serial Killer, and bomber are solo killers and will have to kill all other players to win. Bandit starts off alone like the Sect Leader and Zombie. All 3 cannot turn werewolves, Serial Killer and Zombie will just get information the person could not be turned. When a bandit tries to turn a werewolf, the werewolf dies. Before the game starts your role is chosen through a spinning wheel. If you have a role that you enjoy playing you can get talismans that up your chances of getting that role. You can get talismans from loot boxes, battles pass, or purchase in the inventory section. You can also upgrade your talisman to receive a better chance.


The current version number is 0.46.11. Werewolf Online is still in Beta Mode. You can download Werewolf Online on Google play, App store and more.


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