This article or section involves information that players add to the game. While it is not official canon, it can aid users in finding more information about WWO.
This is a page that you can add differences between Werewolf Offline and Werewolf Online. Current information is:
  • You can't suicide in Werewolf Offline but you can in Werewolf Online
  • You can add infinite amount of players in Werewolf Offline but you can't on Werewolf Online
    • To give the exact numbers, Werewolf Offline can have 4294967295 (or exactly 2^32, because it is the limit of 32-bit) players but Werewolf Online can only have 16 players. Most of the devices wouldn't come close to 2^32, because it would take too much memory, so Werewolf Offline's limit is practically infinite
  • There are no Talismans in Werewolf Offline.
  • There is no profile picture feature in Werewolf Online; but there is no Player Icon, player description and statics in Werewolf Offline.
  • Werewolf Offline has its full version, but Werewolf Online is still at its Beta version.
  • Werewolf Online requires internet while Werewolf Offline doesn't.
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