Werewolf Offline is a version of Werewolf Online that does not require the internet. It is a party game for groups of people.[1]


In Werewolf Offline, There are two game modes those you can play with.


The device which the game is downloaded on is passed between the players. It is on this device that the players receive their roles, do their night actions and vote. The discussion is done in real life between players.

Show roles only

The device which the game is downloaded on is passed between the players to see their own roles. After that the game will start. Just like the Narrator mode but you need a human narrator to play the game. This mode is for experienced players.


Main page: Offline roles

There are roles which has the same role and features in Werewolf Online (like Tanner is Fool on WWO). But for the roles that have no equivalent on WWO, you can look at the main page.



It has less roles unlocked and features than the Pro edition. It is free. You have to buy all the roles with coins. You can earn coins by watching ads or just playing more.


It has more roles unlocked and features than the Classic edition. It costs $3.

Werewolf Online special item

You can get the red wings from the Settings->Werewolf Online special item. You need to buy the pro version for the red wings.


Currently, there are 40 languages you can play with.


  • It costs $3 if you buy the Pro version directly, but it is cheaper if you download the free version and get pro features from there.


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