Werewolf Berserk Frenzy

The Werewolf Berserk's Horn

The Werewolf Berserk is on the Werewolves team. It appears in Sandbox mode. [1]

Role description

Once per game the Werewolf Berserk can announce a Werewolves 'frenzy' during the day. If during the night of the frenzy their target is protected, all protectors of the victim will die, along with the victim.

On the night the frenzy is activated, a horn will appear in the middle of the screen. A horn sound effect will also play. Contrary to belief, if the Werewolf Berserk dies during the day, and the "frenzy" was activated before they died, the "frenzy" will still be activated.

Win conditions

The Werewolf Berserk wins with the Werewolves.


  • The Werewolf Berserk was revealed in the 0.32.6 update.
  • The Werewolf Berserk is able to kill the jailer and the jailed person.
  • The Werewolf Berserk is the fourth strongest werewolf.


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