The Villager is a village role meaning it can vote and talk during the day. It is present in Ranked Mode as a possible role inside the Random Regular Villager role.[1]

Role description

The Villager has no special abilities. If the Headhunter's target dies without being lynched, they will become a villager and win with the village. The Cursed villager starts the game like a regular villager unless bitten by a werewolf: in that case, they will become a werewolf. In Werewolf Offline, the player is given an addition problem to solve during the night.

Win conditions

The Villager wins with the village.


  • It was included in the game before the Ranked Mode but was also unused. After that, it was put in the Ranked Mode, then removed and now it is a possible role again.
  • The Villager also appears in Werewolf Offline as one of the basic roles.[2]

In-game description

You are a regular villager without any abilities. You belong to the village team.


  • Forkman


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