The village is the main team in Werewolf Online, holding 10 of 16 players in a full game and around 57% of the game's roles (27 of 47 roles).[1]


The village's goal is to defeat all the opposing teams (Werewolf, Solo Killers and Converting Roles) by killing or lynching their members.


  • Villager: You are a regular villager without any special abilities.
  • Doctor: Choose one player to protect every night. That player cannot be killed that night. Unlike bodyguards, doctors cannot protect themselves and will die if the werewolves kill a doctor.
  • Bodyguard: You can choose one player to protect every night. That player cannot be killed that night and instead you will be attacked. Because you are strong you survive the first attack, but you will die on the second attack. Every night you automatically protect yourself.
  • Tough Guy: You can choose one player to protect every night. If you or that player is attacked, neither dies and instead you and the attacker will both see each other's role. Because of your injuries, you will die at the end of the following day.
  • Gunner: You have two bullets which you can use to kill somebody. The shots are very loud so that your role will be revealed after the first shot.
  • Jailer: Select a target each day to put in jail during the next night. At night you can talk privately with your target. Your target cannot act or be attacked, but if you find him suspicious, you can kill him. if you don't have bullets you can still imprison players to protect against attacks.
  • Red Lady: At night you can visit another player. If you are attacked that night, you will not be killed. However, if you visit a player that is evil or is attacked, you will die.
  • Priest: You can throw holy water on another player. If that player is a werewolf, he dies. If he is not a werewolf, you die. You can only use it once.
  • Marksman: At night you can mark a player as your target. After the next day, you can kill or change your target. If you try to kill a villager, your shot will backfire and kill you. You have two arrows.
  • Seer: Each night you can select a player to uncover his role.
  • Aura Seer: Each night you can select a player to uncover his alignment: Good, Evil, or Unknown. Good players belong to the Village team. Evil players belong to the Werewolves team. Unknown roles can be: Gunner, Jailer, Medium, Alpha werewolf, Fool, Headhunter, Serial killer, Sect leader, Arsonist, Zombie, Bomber, Witch, Beast Hunter, Marksman, Cannibal or Corruptor.
  • Spirit Seer: Each night you can select two players. At the beginning of the next day you will be informed if either of those two players has killed last night.
  • Seer Apprentice: You are a normal villager until the seer dies, at which point you become the new seer.
  • Detective: Each night you can select two players to uncover if they are in the same team.
  • Medium: During the night you can talk anonymously with the dead. Once during the game you can revive a dead player.
  • Mayor: Once during the game you can reveal your role which will make your vote count double during the rest of the game.
  • Witch: You have two potions: One will kill and the other will protect a player. The protect potion is only consumed if the player was attacked. You cannot kill in the first night.
  • Avenger: You can select one player to die with you when you die.
  • Beast Hunter: At night you can place a trap on a player which will become active the following night. This player cannot be killed at night. If the player is attacked by werewolves, the weakest werewolf will die.
  • Pacifist: Once per game you can reveal the role of a player to everybody and prevent anybody from voting that day.
  • Grumpy Grandma: After the first night you can select a player who cannot talk during the next day.
  • Cupid: During the first night you can select two players to be a love couple. You win if the village wins or if the lovers are the last survivors.
  • President: Everyone knows who you are. If you die, the village loses.
  • Cursed: You are a villager until the werewolves try to kill you, at which point you become a werewolf. You cannot be converted into another team by sect leader etc..
  • Flower Child: You are a villager who can once protect another player from being lynched by the village.
  • Sheriff: At night you can select someone to watch. If that player dies during the night, you will uncover two possible suspects who might have killed that player.
  • Fortune Teller: You have two cards which you can give to other players at night. These players can use these cards to reveal their roles.

The Village is also a team in Werewolf Offline and consists of Handsome Prince, Doppelganger, Little Girl, Drunk, Idiot, Amulet of protection holder, Mason, Necromancer, Leprous Human, Naughty Boy, Harlot, Mad Scientist, and Sect Hunter.[2]


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