Unknown is one of the three Auras in Werewolf Online.[1] If an Aura Seer checks a player who has one of the roles listed below, that player will appear as Unknown.

There are three types of Unknown roles: Good unknown, neutral unknown and evil unknown.

Good Unknowns

Unknown Icon

Good Unknown roles win with the village, unless bitten by Zombies, converted to join the Sect, or converted to Accomplice by Bandit.

Neutral Unknowns

Neutral Unknown roles do not belong to the village team, but also do not kill villagers at night. They usually win on their own. (Unless Headhunter's target dies before them in a way other than lynching, in which case Headhunter wins with the village.)

Evil Unknowns

Evil Unknown roles target villagers at night. They can be werewolves or solo killers. They either win on their own or win with their team.


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