The Cult is another game that has been created by Philipp Eichhorn. It is similar to Werewolf Online. At least 4, maximum 10 players can join. At night, players can use their abilities. At day, the village members vote and send 2 people for the first 3 missions, and 3 people for the last 2 mission. Village wins if 3 or more missions are successful. Cult wins if 2 or less missions were successful.[1]



  • Villager: You are a villager with no powers.
  • Seer: You will see all the cult members at the beginning of the game. Don't reveal your role to the cult. At the end of the game, the cult will be able to vote who is the seer. If they find you, the village loses.
  • Seer Apprentice: You will see who is the seer at the beginning of the game.
  • Aura Seer: You will see if a player is in the village team or in the cult team at the beginning of the game.
  • Detective: You will see if two players are in the same team or not in the same team at the beginning of the game.
  • Cursed Villager: You will be seen as a cult member to the seer.
  • Grumpy Grandma: You always have to vote "fail" for the mission.
  • Prince: All players will see your role at the beginning of the game.
  • Trader: You could also call this in the solo team, but the game calls it in the village. You win only if the village team had their first successful mission at the 5th try. If the game ends before that, the trader won't win.
  • Fool: You will win if the cult votes you out as the seer.
  • Waller: You will see who the other wallers are, similar to the Mason from Werewolf Offline.

The Cult

  • Cult Member: You are a cult member with no powers.
  • Cult Leader: Seer won't be able to see your role.
  • Shaman Cult Leader: Seer apprentice will see you as the seer.
  • Minion: You won't be able to see other cult members and the cult leader at the beginning of the game.
  • Noob Cultist: You will always have to vote "fail" for the mission.

Werewolf Online Items

  • The Cult mask (Free)
  • The Cultist background (Pro)


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