The Spirit Seer is a village role.[1] It is similar to Seer, Aura Seer and Detective in that it can see facts about a player's role.


Each night, the Spirit Seer can select two players. At the beginning of the next day, they will be informed if either of those two players killed last night.

A blue spirit will be shown if the two selected players didn't kill anyone last night. A red spirit will be shown if at least one of them killed.

If nobody killed the previous night, the Spirit Seer won't have information since all players will appear blue. If the Spirit Seer is killed during the night, they won't see their information unless they're revived.

The Spirit Seer's information cannot be manipulated by Wolf Shaman or Illusionist.

If the werewolves killed, then all werewolves will appear red the following day, regardless of whether an individual werewolf voted or not. Similarly if the Bandit or Accomplice killed, both of them will appear red, even if one of them didn't vote.

If a villager such as Witch, Jailer, Beast Hunter, Marksman or Avenger kills someone at night, they will also appear red to the Spirit Seer the next day. Furthermore, if Marksman tries to shoot a villager at night and dies as a result, that villager will appear red the next day, because their innocence has killed Marksman.

If the Corruptor killed, they will appear red the following day because they killed after the day ended. If the Illusionist killed, they will appear blue because they killed during the day, not at night. The Sorcerer doesn't appear red because they cannot kill.

Win conditions

The Spirit Seer wins with the village.


  • Use reference points like Mayor and Gunner. For example, by selecting a revealed good player like Gunner and an unconfirmed player, you can reliably learn whether that unconfirmed player has killed. (The only exception to this is if your game has Bandit or Kitten Wolf, who can turn good players evil.)
  • Keep in mind that things are subject to change in the game. For example, Kitten Wolf can turn a villager into a werewolf and Bandit can convert a villager to Accomplice. If your game has one of these roles, you should continue to be wary of everyone, including players whose roles are revealed and players you have checked before. For example, you might have checked a villager before they were converted and saw them blue, but if you recheck them after they got converted and killed, you will see red.
  • Always check at least one unconfirmed player. People who don't claim any role and are being fake or silent should be checked. They are likely to be evil or they have a role that really asks for confirmation, so the werewolves cannot use that role for defending themselves any more.
  • Don't reveal who you are going to check next night, because it can lead evil players to strategize against you. For example, if you say that you are going to check a player and that player is a werewolf, then the werewolves can decide to not kill anybody that night, so that the werewolf you checked will appear blue and you might end up with no information the next day.


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