Spirit Seer is a role from the Village team. [1]


Each night you can select two players. At the beginning of the next day you will be informed if either of those two players has killed last night.

A blue spirit will be shown if the two people didn't kill. A red spirit will be shown if one of the targets did kill.

All werewolves show as red, as long as the werewolves as a group killed. It doesn't matter whether each individual voted or not.

If the Spirit Seer is killed during the night, they won't see their information unless they're revived.

Win conditions

The Spirit Seer wins with the village.



  • Use reference points like Mayor and Gunner. By selecting for an example Gunner and an unconfirmed player, you can always see whether that unconfirmed player kills or not. Since the Mayor can never kill, you just don't have to think about who amongst my targets is the bad one.
  • Always check atleast one unconfirmed player. People who haven't claimed any role and are being fake or silent should be checked for sure. They are likely to be evil or they have a role that really asks for confirmation, so that the werewolves cannot use the role for defending themselves anymore, thinking about bodyguard and this is actually called a scapegoat. These players are the most interesting to check, but if someone is confirmed good by you in the night in which there were no kills, you can definetly recheck him later on if he's acting suspiciously.
  • Keep those in mind that things are subject to change in the game. This also counts for the Kitten Wolf for an example, if someone is getting converted by the Kitten Wolf at some point and you checked him before convertion he might appear as blue but later on, he might of course be red.
  • Don't fulfill who you are going to check next night, because it might lead in situation which you say that you are going to check an initial werewolf. For an example if they know this, they can decide to not kill anybody, so that the werewolf appears blue. This is hard to turn back, especially if that werewolf is a good player with a strong claim, so please do not announce who you are going to check.


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