Solo roles win alone. Here are the solo roles:

Fool: The Fool wins the game if they are lynched by the village.

Headhunter: The Headhunter has no special abilities. On the first night of the game they receive a target on a random villager. The Headhunter wins the game if their target gets lynched. If their target dies in a way other than being lynched, they become a regular villager.

Serial Killer: Each night the Serial Killer can kill one player. They cannot be killed by the Werewolves. The Serial Killer wins when everyone except them is dead. However, they are in competition with the werewolves, as both win if they kill enough people.

Arsonist: The Arsonist can choose from two actions to perform each night. They can either douse 2 players in gasoline, or light all ignited players, killing them. The Arsonist wins when everyone except them is dead. The Arsonist cannot be killed by the Werewolves.

Bomber: At night, the Bomber can place a bomb which will kill a maximum of 3 players. This bomb can be rotated to kill different players (horizontally, vertically and diagonally). The following night, the bomb explodes, killing the selected players. The night after that, the bomber can place a new bomb. This process of placing a bomb every two nights continues until the bomber dies. The Bomber cannot be killed by the Werewolves. Even if it looks like the bomb is placed on yourself, you won't die. The bomb does not explode if the Bomber is killed during the daytime, but it will if they are killed during the nighttime. The Bomber wins when everyone except them is dead.

Corruptor: Each night the Corruptor can select one player to 'glitch'. That player will not be able to speak, vote or send emojis the following day and will die after the voting. That player's role will not be revealed when they die. Instead, it will be replaced by a question mark. When a person is corrupted, they will receive a message. A glitchy person icon will also show in the middle of the screen. The Corruptor wins when everyone except them is dead.

Cannibal: Each night the Cannibal can choose to eat one player. They can also choose to save their hunger and eat 2 players the next night. If they still save their hunger, they can eat 3 the next night, and so on. The maximum number of people eaten in a night is 5. The Cannibal wins when everyone except them is dead.

Zombie: Each night the Zombie can bite one player which will turn that player into a Zombie (unless they are a WerewolfCursedPresidentSect Leader or Sect Members). The Zombies win when all remaining players are a Zombie.

Sect Leader: Each night, the Sect Leader can select one player to convert to their team, known as the Sect. This player must be from the village team, or be a voting role, otherwise they will not be converted. Unturned Cursed and President do not count. If the Sect Leader dies, every converted player commits suicide. The Sect Leader (and the Sect Members) win when all remaining players are in the sect.

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