The Solo Killers are roles whose objective is to be the last person alive by killing all other players. They cannot be killed by werewolves. There is only one Solo Killer in a normal game. The Solo Killers can also appear as a replacement of Converting Roles in certain games. Unlike Werewolves, Solo Killers can be converted by Sect Leader or be bitten by a Zombie.[1]


Killing Roles, also known as the Solo Killers are a group of kill-capable roles that win by eliminating everybody else in order to be the last alive. Each Killing Role has a unique way of killing other players that give them certain characteristics which make playing as each of these roles different, they are also immune to Werewolf attacks. Killing Roles should not be confused with converting roles such as the Zombie, although they are both Solo Roles at the start, their methods of winning are entirely different. Depending on their status (eg. Bomber isn’t playable in Ranked because it isn’t a competitive role), each game mode contains 1 Solo-Killer to balance the game and like most roles, all Solo Killers are playable in Custom Games, only every Solo Killer excluding the Serial Killer requires 1000 coins to buy that role and put it into their own games.

All Solo-Killers

Serial Killer

Serial Killer

Serial Killer's Icon

The Serial Killer is the simplest Solo-Killer yet it is the hardest to Master. It can only kill 1 player per night and is the first bad Unknown role in the game added to the game. Thankfully his unknown aura makes surviving a bit easier. The Serial Killer, just like any other killing role can't be killed by the Werewolves.



Arsonist's Icon

The Arsonist is another Solo-Killer that was introduced in one of the earlier updates of the game. It is the only other Solo Killer that is playable in ranked alongside the Serial Killer. Their specialty is fire, they can choose to douse 2 players in oil and burn them on command. This kind of attack is indirect so Protectors such as the Doctor and the Bodyguard are unable to prevent these types of attacks.



Bomber's Icon

The Bomber is the first Solo-Killer that relies on positioning to kill other players. It is still mainly played in Sandbox Mode, and currently has a 25% chance of appearing. It sometimes rotates into Quick Game. As the name suggests, this Killer uses bombs and every 2 nights they can place a Bomb on another player which will detonate the next night, killing that player and 2 other players chosen by the Bomber themselves who were adjacent to the target player.



Corruptor's Icon

The Corruptor was released in early June of 2019 alongside the Marksman and the Werewolf Berserk which all won a role tournament in the Werewolf Online Discord where other players could submit their own role ideas for the developers and other players to evaluate. This Killer can "glitch" another player, preventing them from doing anything at daytime and then dying at the start of the following night, their role is also hidden if they are killed in this way. The glitch is a direct attack so the attack can be negated by Protection.


The Cannibal can eat a player per day, and can stack up to 5 players a day (if you didn't eat anyone for 4 nights). It is currently not in Quick Game.

General Strategies

As a Solo Killer

It is extremely Important for a Solo Killer to “keep the balance” of the game and to make sure neither the Village nor the Werewolves get too powerful. If either team has too much control then the other team will get eliminated fairly quickly, and you are no different. The village team is usually the most powerful so they are the players you want to kill first and depending on the course of the game, it is crucial to identify who has the advantage each day so that you don’t kill the wrong person and end up being killed easily because of that.

The goal of the villagers is to identify you and all the werewolves but they must identify who each other are first to make identifying you a lot easier. You can also try to identify who the other villagers are too. It helps to read what roles are in the game and what players you are up against so you have a better idea of who should be eliminated in what order. In a Ranked Game for example, it is possible to identify roles easily through a system of checks by an Aura Seer that hints a player’s exact role judging by their aura relating to the non random roles in the game. Some players give subtle hints on their role and others may just say their role explicitly to gain trust and not to be asked later. It is obviously a good idea to get rid of smart players and certain players that you don’t particularly get along with first for an easier game. If you are able to identify who has the biggest chance of eliminating you then that’s even better! Some players are best to be killed at a later stage so that they can do your bidding whilst being unaware that they are helping you win.

Remember that you have an Unknown aura which means that you’ll already want a defense before you get checked. Your first incentive is not to claim at all, as you may get killed unnecessarily although in most cases it’s best to have a claim ready in case you get asked. Claiming in the late game is your best bet when you are about to win. Forcing a mislynch and making it impossible for Village to come back after that is the best time to claim somebody else’s role. If you are playing a Ranked game that has 2 or more Random Villagers present in the game then it is possible to claim an RV role such as the Beast Hunter that also has an unknown aura. Be careful that some players, pros and noobs alike will not think twice before lynching an RV unknown claimer. You can also just say that you are RV and try to stop people from checking you. Some players have managed to pull off amazing strategies with Solo Killer such as using Aura Simulation and claiming roles that the Village do not expect like saying you are Pacifist and revealing someone would make the village lose. Whatever tactics suit your playstyle, try to master them, you may not be good at Aura Simulation but maybe you are good at finding Werewolves without any abilities to compensate for that so you could try a strategy where you kill only villagers and lynch all the Werewolves at daytime.

Your most powerful trait as a Solo Killer will be in your ability to kill and mastering the art of killing can mean you require little to no effort of defending yourself since you may not get suspected at all and/or you kill all the right people. As an Arsonist for example, claiming Witch after being checked ensures that the Village asks you to prove yourself by killing a certain player when in reality, they are giving you an opportunity to kill all your targets which may be what you needed to win or lynching certain players and constantly targeting 3 players as the Bomber which ensures that you’ll get maximum kills with your bombs every time.

And the best tip of all is to have fun! The Solo Killing role are the hardest roles to win with yet they are so fun to play as because of it. When everyone is trying to look for you, it’s quite hard not to keep it in when it isn’t you who is being suspected. Of course you are going to lose a lot of times as a Solo Killer, that is very normal. Most players will have won as a Serial Killer 5 or so times after reaching level 100. But the more you play as a Solo Killer and the less you suicide for hating these roles, the more you’ll learn to love them.

Dealing with Solo Killers

Solo Killers are arguably the strongest killers but are the weakest roles. Depending on what team you belong to, you want to have some sort of way to eliminate the Solo Killer as effectively as possible without indirectly hurting your teams chances of winning.

If you are a Villager, your best bet is to identify them as soon as possible and eliminate them so that they do not possess a threat to you in the future. However, there are some cases where by killing the Solo Killer, the Werewolves would win automatically so if you think the Solo Killer can help eliminate the Werewolves for you and have some sort of way to kill them in the process too then it is best to keep them alive in this case to still have a chance of winning.

On the contrary, as a Werewolf you will want to keep the Solo Killer alive in the early game so that you are able to pick up extra kills that you wouldn’t get if your team was the only source of killing. Your team also has valuable knowledge that the Solo Killer and Village may not know of so it is best to pick targets that you think the Solo Killer wouldn’t pick such as if a Werewolf was jailed instead of a Gunner, then the Solo Killer will not likely target the Gunner, thinking they are jailed so it would be your perfect chance to eliminate the Gunner and potentially pick up a secondary kill from the Solo Killer as well.

As it is important not to out or eliminate the Solo Killer during the early game, it is just as important to find a way of eliminating them at the end of the middle game because the Villagers may just side with the Solo Killer during the endgame as they understand the difficulty of a Solo Killer added with the fact that there is a small chance of winning if the Solo Killer kills your team off. As a werewolf, it is important to have as many surviving players of your team as possible so that you can get rid of the Killer as effectively as possible.


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