Solo Killers

The Solo Killers team consists of only one player in any type of match which includes Quick Game, Ranked Games, Custom Games, and Sandbox Mode. There can only be one Solo Killer in Quick Game, Ranked Games, and Sandbox Mode, but there can be up to 16 Solo Killers in Custom Games. Solo Killers cannot be killed by werewolves at night, but Zombie and Sect leader can be killed by werewolves.


The Solo Killer wins if they are the only survivor left in the game. They cannot be converted to the wolves by a Kitten Werewolf, or converted into a Zombie or into the sect by the Sect Leader.


Some roles of Solo Killers allow the killer to delay their killing (Arsonist, Bomber, Cannibal, Illusionist) while others immediately put their ability into affect (Corruptor, Serial Killer).the roles auras are unknown.


At night, Solo Killers can choose their targets to either kill or use their abilities on. Some Solo Killers like the Bomber or Arsonist kill during the night. If jailed at night, Solo Killers cannot use their abilities (However, the Bomber's bomb will go off even if jailed).


During the day, Solo Killers like the Illusionist can choose to activate their abilities, or if they do not have the option to, can vote and talk like a regular villager.

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