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Shadow Wolf was added into the game with the 0.44.0 update. Shadow Wolf belongs to the Werewolves team.[1]

Role Description

The Shadow Wolf has the same abilities as an ordinary werewolf and can vote for a player to kill each night. However, once per game, the Shadow Wolf can double your team's votes during the day, while hiding all votes.

Win Condition

Shadow Wolf wins with the Werewolves.


  • Once per game, during the day, the shadow wolf can use its ability to double the vote of all wolves and hide the votes. When voting, the numbers that the person is voting for do not appear, but "?"


  • Save your ability, it's stronger later on. A really big advantage of this is that you will overpower the village at some point when there are like two (2) of you and three (3) villagers left, but if you use it early, the person can be revived and maybe the medium wasted a revival, but your ability could've been used in a better way.
  • Lead the votes if you are revealed and you use the ability. Feel free to lead the votes for the werewolves. Don't directly refer to them (don't say "8, 2 and 15, vote 6") but instead say "kill 6" or if you are really confirmed bad you can say "all evils on 6". Always try to get the solo players on your side as well since they can be the two (2) players that can help the village or you in this case. Also, make sure that the player that will be lynched isn't the Headhunter's target, because that is an instant defeat. Keep in mind that saying "all evils on 6" means that 6 is a target for the werewolves which means that you confirm him/her good as well.
  • Make a code with your teammates. Imagine that you're Shadow Wolf and you are doing well and still have your ability on the 4th day for an example. In this case, you wouldn't want to confirm yourself bad, but you would like to direct the votes of the werewolves on a villager or even the solo killer in case you need to get rid of the solo killer. In these scenarios, the code or just a general agreement during the night can help you a lot. Tell the werewolves that they need to vote the seer, solo killer or whatever role during the day, or you can promise that you will refer to the target with a specific sentence. Think about this: "Hey 6, I remember you from a game!". In this case, you wouldn't need to tell the werewolves in the night before that you are going to say the sentence and that they need to vote whoever you mentioned in that sentence, which would be 6 here. Another example which might be more pushy or even obvious can be: "13, role?". Codes like "6, do you prefer cats or dogs?" can also work but are a little bit more random, and that can be obvious, if the village pays attention.
  • Use your ability during the voting phase. Sometimes, it can be quite useless to use your ability early at daytime, as most of the players do, because the village has plenty of time to come to an agreement to vote a specific player and overpower the evil players. But what if you activate your ability like 10 or 5 seconds before the voting phase ends and the village doesn't know who to vote? Well, this is coming to your advantage since the werewolves can handle the situation faster, if they discussed who to lynch in the previous night, while the village has no clue on who to vote. You cannot only cause alot of chaos in that way, but also first appear reliable by voting the werewolf and then turning against the village without them knowing during the ability.
  • Do an informer simulation and use the ability at the werewolves' peak. Act aura seer, spirit seer or just any informer that can be found in the regular villager spot. Don't claim seer or detective because this will be quite obvious. In this way, you can confuse villagers and use your ability at the moment when werewolves are at the maximum. This is mostly a matter of reading the situation, like "When do the werewolves have alot of power?". This is the moment you can seal your victory by either killing the crucial villager or killing the solo killer that needs to be eliminated.

So to wrap things up, be sure to save your ability but if you are exposed, use it immediately. Using it a few seconds before the day ends might give you and your teammates credibility and the upper hand in overpowering the village. Also, make sure to use some sort of code and try to get the solo roles on your side as well even if they are not directly supporting you.


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