Advanced Settings

Werewolf Online has a range of customisable settings:

  • Change Language: choose from over 40 languages.
  • Settings:
    • Sound
      • Sound effects
      • Background music
    • Game
      • Show red flash on own death
      • Use fade in animation for avatars
      • Confirm leave game in lobby
      • Vibrate on game start
    • Notifications
    • Hints
      • Show blue hint dots
      • Show role hints
    • Clan
      • Auto decline clan invitations
      • Participate in upcoming quests
    • Clan notifications
      • Clan updates
      • Chat
      • New clan quests available, suggestions, clans and clan notifications.
  • My account: change name, gender or delete your account.
  • Daily rewards: Collect and see future prizes every day.
  • Invite your friends: Invite your friends and get awesome prizes
  • Redeem: Redeem your code.
  • Chat with us on Discord: Here you will find the invitation to join the official Werewolf Online Discord server.
  • Send us an email: Here you can personally contact the developers. For bugs and feature requests you should go to the Discord Server.[1]
  • Rate this app: This link to the game's store page where you can write a review
  • Credits: Here you can find people who contributed to this game. Translators, software libraries, music design and more...
  • Legal
  • Logout: Disconnect your account.
  • The app version


  1. Werewolf Online Discord Server
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