The Sect is a third team independent from the Village and the Werewolves. Their goal is to be the last remaining team.

The Sect begins the game with one player - the Sect Leader. Each night, the Sect Leader can convert one player. This player must be from the village or they won't be converted. Players with other loyalties (e.g. lovers) can be converted to the Sect as long as they fit the above criteria. The Sect Leader can be used, in some circumstances, in a way similar to the seer, being used to find wolves or other anti-village teams.

Converted players keep their role's ability, however, they are now Sect Members and loyal to the Sect. If the Sect Leader dies, all players in the Sect die.[1]

Players in the sect (other than the Sect Leader) don't have the ability to convert or talk during the night. A very high level of coordination and planning is usually required to win as the sect.

If the Sect Leader dies and a member of the Sect is brought to life by the medium, this player at the end of the game will lose anyway because he was member of the Sect.


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