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The Cult Outfit

The Cult Outfit

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You will get this item when you buy the Pro version of Werewolf Classic

There are 2 ways you can buy The Cult outfit. You can get the sect mask by simply downloading the Cult. After entering the settings in The Cult, find a Werewolf Online button and press it. You can get it for free after you enter your username in it. The free version includes only one mask. Or you can buy the pro version of The Cult and buy the entire outfit for the cult leader. The entire outfit includes a mask, a hood, a top and two backgrounds.

Secret Items

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You will get this item when you download Spyfall.

You need to have the pro version of Werewolf Classic to get the wings. After purchasing the Pro version, enter the settings and enter your username. Then check your inventory in Werewolf Online.

To get the "Spyfall" item you need to download Spyfall game. Spyfall is a game played with 3 or more people and trying to find the spy.

Other secret items exist that must be found by the user.

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