Battle Pass 7
Season 7 started on 3 July, 2019 and lasted for 60 days, till 1 September, 2019[1]. This was the first season to last 60 days and because of that, it included a total of 100 tiers.

The theme of this Battle Pass was elements.

Battle Pass

This Battle Pass costed 1200 gold and had 100 tiers in total. Each tier held a reward that could be unlocked by getting 760 Experience Points or for 200 gold per tier after the Battle Pass was purchased.


The Battle Pass of Season 7 included 5 outfit sets, 8 × 150 gold, 14 loot boxes, 5 emojis, 6 player icons, 8 × 5 roses, 8 bouquets of roses, 5 Nightmare Werewolf talismans, 5 Spirit Seer talismans, 5 Red Lady talismans and 5 Aura Seer talismans.


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