A Role Tournament is a competition where players can create a new role for Werewolf Online. They are hosted in the official Werewolf Online Discord.[1]


Role tournaments are held every so often. When a new RT comes out the admin will make an announcement in the official WWO discord server. To participate you'll have to make up a team (from 2 to 5 members per team) and submit your role on the discord.

Sharing Your Role

The tournament is divided into 3 parts: during the first period all the teams have to submit the team name and member list in order to be registered. After the first period is over the teams can start submitting their roles in #rt-chat. Once the role is submitted a rt-helper will check if it is okay and then they will share it in #rt-roles. Once the submission part ends, the voting period will start: every person will have the chance to vote their favorite role(s) in the list. The roles that the developers like will have the chance to get in the actual game!

Creating a Role

In order to make a role you'll have to be creative but also follow some rules. These are clearly explained in the WWO Role Tournament Guideline document which will be posted in # rt-announcements. In general, in order to create a great role you'll have to make it balanced (not too strong, not too weak) and innovative. You'll also have to make a creative part (lore, meme, video, etc.) about the role.


Prizes may vary but usually teams with the top 3 voted roles get a free skin (shop ones, NOT randomly, it's picked by the winners); teams in the top 10 get a free gravestone; every team who participated gets either gold or chests!

Past Winners


  1. Werewolf Online Discord Server
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