Ranked mode is a playing mode for better players. Here players play more seriously than in other modes. You are required to have at least 100 (previously 35) wins to access this game mode. [1]

How is the rank calculated?

Ranks are measured in Skill. After playing a game, the rank is calculated based on the role you had and the rank of other players. If the players you beat are higher rank, you will receive more than skill than if the players you beat are of a lower rank. If you lose, you lose more skill if you are beaten by lower rank players.

Gold Fees & Prizes

Currently you have to pay 5 gold to enter a ranked game. It was implemented to reduce suicides and make winning more important.

  • Win as a villager: 10 Gold
  • Win as a werewolf: 20 Gold
  • Win as a Fool or Headhunter: 40 Gold
  • Win as a solo role: 60 Gold

Rank Prizes

Ranked Gladiator Outfits

Depending on your rank when a season is finished you can either win gold, or one gladiator item. To unlock a complete gladiator outfit you need to rank highly in multiple seasons.

  • Rank 1: Platinum item/outfit or 15000 Gold
  • Rank 2: Platinum item/outfit or 10000 Gold
  • Rank 3: Platinum item/outfit or 7500 Gold
  • Rank 4-10: Platinum item/outfit or 5000 Gold
  • Rank 11-50: Gold item/outfit or 4000 Gold
  • Rank 51-100: Silver item/outfit or 2500 Gold
  • Rank 101-250: Bronze item/outfit or 2000 Gold
  • Rank 251-500: Copper item/outfit or 1000 Gold
  • Rank 501-1000: 500 Gold
  • Rank 1001-2000: 250 Gold
  • Rank 2000-5000: 100 Gold


  • English
  • French
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese


  • Bronze (0 - 1399 skill points)
  • Silver (1400 - 1699 skill points)
  • Gold (1700 - 1899 skill points)
  • Platinum (2200 + skill points)

If there aren’t enough players online in your league, you will automatically join the closest available league.

More On Ranked Mode Set-up

Ranked Mode Set-up


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