The president is a village role that only appears in Custom Games.[1]

Role description

At the start of the game everyone knows who the president is. If the president dies, the village automatically loses (Solo killers, Solo converters and Werewolves win).

Win conditions

The president wins with the village.


  • Dying of the President by suicides will not end the game. But this is not recommended to do due to the Rules in game.
  • It's recommended (And required) for protective roles such as the Tough Guy, Bodyguard or Doctor to protect the president.
  • Despite the Fool is not villager, he still lose if the President is killed.
  • Unlike any other roles. The President is immune to Arsonist's gasoline dousing, Bomber's bomb planting, conversions, avenging and love couples.
    • This "passive ability" does not apply in Werewolf Offline however.
    • Due to this, the Arsonist and the Bomber can win by killing everyone except the President. Having both players being the last players alive to win.


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