The Career Profile can be found on the Main Menu. It displays information about your gameplay, experience and avatar.[1]



A Profile


The top section displays the player's clan and their name in this format: ClanInitials|Username. Next to that, their level is shown as a white number inside a coloured icon.


The player's experience points are displayed in a bar. It shows how close they are to the next level. Below that it shows the exact number until the next level.


Below the experience section is the amount of roses player has sent and received.

Personal message

Here you can create a personal message.

Game stats

The game stats show the total wins, defeats and suicide count as a number and a percentage.


This section displays player's avatars. By tapping an avatar, it will show the gravestone associated with it.


This section displays player's badges. A description of a badge will appear after pressing it (the badge). This menu won't show up if the player doesn't have any badges.

Ranked games

The ranked games section displays statistics from Ranked Mode. It shows current season skill, Overall best skill, Best season final rank and Participated seasons.

Team stats

The team stats show the amount of wins and losses with the Werewolves, Village, Voting roles and Killing roles.

Role stats

Role stats display the amount of wins and losses with each role.


The clan section displays the player's clan and its icon. It also shows the total clan experience, the amount of experience the player has contributed and when the player joined the clan.


This section shows when the player joined, how many games they have played, their total played time, survived games, deaths and quits after death.


Here you can see the greatest players of Werewolf Online!


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