How to find and use it ?

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The small rocket in the inventory

The outfit voting gallery is the last button on the right in the in game inventory. It has the shape of a small rocket.

You'll have to rate each new presented skins between 1 and 5. Developers will decide which one is good enough to go in game with the average obtained. It's usually 3.9 or more for quests and 4.2 for special offers.

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An exemple in the Skin Voting gallery

How can my skin be submitted ? 

Skin voting on the official WWO Discord is half way of getting into the game. It has to follow all rules of designing an outfit after it got discussed by a mini mod or above.

You can find these rules here :

When your outfit gets a good like to dislike ratio in #vote it will be brought in the outfit voting gallery in the game.

What about the Designer Discord role and badge ?

If your skin is submitted in the outfit voting gallery you'll get the designer role in discord.

Designer Badge

If your skin is submitted in the game, you'll get the designer badge. 

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