The Mayor is currently a village role. It is present in all game modes except for normal.[1]

Role description

Once during the game, the Mayor can reveal their role to the village. This will make their vote count as double for the rest of the game.

The Mayor's Reveal Icon

Win conditions

The Mayor wins with the village.


  • The Mayor was introduced in the 0.14.2 update.
  • If the Mayor reveals himself during the middle of a voting session, all votes will double, not just his. This does not occur if he reveals before voting and stops after the day ends. But this was fixed in 0.34.17 update.
  • If the Pacifist reveals the Mayor before the Mayor reveals them self, they will still have one vote until they announce it.
  • Mayor also appears in Werewolf Offline.[2]
  • If the Mayor reveals themself, and is later turned into a Zombie, the Mayor will have one vote.
  • The Mayor can claim Villager or any useless role such as Sheriff to survive all game to have a chance to be in a situation versus Solo killer to save Village.


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