Masks are wearable items that cover part of the avatar's face. There are Masks obtainable by paying with in game currency, such as gold or roses, others which are along with some limited offers, others from the Battle Pass, or from Clan Quests.[1]

In-game priced Masks

List of all masks purchasable in game with roses or gold.

  • Carnival Masks: four carnival masks at the price of 50 roses each, available on the inventory.
Carnival Masks

Carnival Masks

  • Emoji Masks: five from the most popular emojis are available in the inventory for 75 gold each.
Emoji Masks

Emoji Masks

  • Tribe Masks: four tiki-inspired masks at 100 roses each.
Tribe Masks

Tribe Masks

  • Others: the Alien Mask (250 gold), the Bear Masks (75 gold), the Day of Dead Mask (15 gold), the Paperbag Mask (250 gold), the Pumpkin one (75 gold), the Scary Clown and Skull (1000 gold) and the Zombie Masks (250 gold each).
Basic Masks

Other in-game obtainable masks

Masks from Special Offers

List of all the masks given along with Limited Offers.

  • Butterfly Mask
  • Cobra Mask
  • Evil Fool Masks
  • Fire Mask
  • Husky Mask
  • Inu Mask
  • Jester Mask
  • Mystic Mask
  • Puppet Mask
  • Serial Killer Mask
  • Wolf Seer Mask
Priced Masks 1

Face priced Masks

Priced Masks 2

Mouth Priced Masks

Masks from Battle Passes

List of masks gettable on the Battle Pass Seasons.

  • Season 7:
    • Earth Element Mask:
    • Fire Element Mask;
    • Metal Element Mask;
    • Water Element Mask;
    • Wood Element Mask;
Battle Pass 7 Masks

Battle Pass 7 Masks

  • Season 4:
    • Claw Mask.

Special Masks

Special Masks

Special Masks

List of Masks gettable for free.

  • Cultist Mask: Download The Cult and claim the mask on Settings.
  • WPO Mask: Part of the WPO Skin obtainable by spinning the Wheel of Fortune.


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