The Marksman is currently a role in the village. It appears in Sandbox mode.[1]

Role description

At night, the Marksman marks a player as a target. After the next day, they can choose to kill or change the target. If the Marksman tries to kill a villager, the shot will backfire and kill the Marksman, similar to the priest. He has two arrows.

Marksman mark3x

The Marksman's Target

Win conditions

The Marksman wins with the village.

Marksman Arrow

The Marksman's Arrow


  • The Marksman was revealed in the 0.32.6 update.
  • The Marksman is a Random Regular Villager, as opposed to the gunner, who is a Random Strong Villager.
  • The Marksman replaces the Gunner in sandbox mode with 50% chance to replace with each other.


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