The Love Couple is a team that currently only appears in Sandbox Mode and platinum league (Ranked Mode). It is made up of the Cupid and two other players.[1]

Team formation

On the first night, the Cupid selects 2 players to be a loving couple. If one or both of the players selected by the Cupid die or if the Cupid doesn't select anyone, the couple will be random. These 2 players plus the Cupid are the Love Couple team for the rest of the game. These players can be any role from any team and they will try to win together.

Team description

The 2 players in the Love Couple know who each other are and also each other's roles. However, they do not know who the Cupid is. The Cupid knows which players are in the Love Couple but not their roles. None of the players on the team can communicate at night.

Win and lose conditions

If one of the players in the couple dies in any way except suicide, the other player will die. The players in the couple retain their loyalties to their starting teams and so still win with those teams as well. However, if the couple are the last 2 players alive, both them and the Cupid win.


  • If the love couple is made of 2 werewolves, they can win as couple only, if cupid is alive (if cupid is dead, they can win only with werewolves).
  • If your couple is a werewolf, but you are a villager and the sect leader sect you, you can't win as couple
  • Be carefull that couples are different gender.


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