The Junior Werewolf is currently a role in the Werewolf team. It is present in both Sandbox Mode and quick game.[1]

Role description

Each night the Junior Werewolf can vote on a player to kill like a regular Werewolf. They can also select one player to die with them. They can select this player during any phase of the game. The Junior's selected player will not die if the commit suicide.

Junior Werewolf Pawn

The Junior Werewolf's Kill Icon

Win conditions

The Junior Werewolf wins with the Werewolves.


The Junior can be very useful to the werewolf team as a whole, even in death. The ability to kill another player upon death can be strategically used to eliminate important village roles (e.g. Seer, Doctor, Medium, Aura Seer) or particularly active villagers.


  • Junior Werewolf Also Appears in Werewolf Offline.[2]
  • The Junior Werewolf was introduced in the 0.14.2 update.
  • After picking a target, you can't unselect it.


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