Jail's Cell Bars

The Jailer is a part of the village team and can be found in all current game-modes. However, it is occasionally replaced by the Witch.[1]

Role description

The jailer can select one player to jail each day. That night, the jailer can talk to their prisoner privately. During this time, that jailed player cannot use their abilities. The prisoner also cannot send roses. However, that player is still able to use emojis in jail. Once every game, they can execute their prisoner.

When jailed, the person being jailed will have cell bars over their avatar. This can only be seen by the target and the Jailer, and if they are a werewolf or zombie, the other werewolves (or zombies) will see.

In special custom game modes (all random roles), there can only be 1 jailer per game.

Win conditions

The jailer wins with the village.


  • Jailer can also work as a Bodyguard but a little bit different. For example; if you jail the Seer, the Seer will be protected. But Seer won't be able to use his/her ability at that Night. So use this strategy wisely. Most of the time it is used to protect the Gunner.
  • If a player who is jailed gets attacked by Bomber, the player will die. However, jailer will not die.


  • The Jailer will be killed if the person they jailed was attacked during a Werewolf Berserk's Frenzy.
  • The Jail action icon is the same as the jailer icon.


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