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Illusionist is a solo killer role that was released with the 0.35.2 update. The role may appear as a Random Killer.[1]

Role Description

The Illusionist can disguise people every night. Disguised people will appear to be illusionists to seers. He can also kill all disguised people during the day. The Illusionist cannot be killed by Werewolves.

Win Conditions

The Illusionist wins if they are the last player alive.


  • It was introduced in the 0.35.2 update.
  • When a disguised target is checked by Aura Seer, it will show as unknown.
  • It's hard for Illusionist to win in 1v1 against a villager role. As the villager can skip discussing time, while the illusionist can only kill during the discussion time. If this happens 3 days in a row, it will result in a tie.


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