Headhunter Target

The Headhunter's Target

The Headhunter is on a team of its own.[1] The Headhunter is meant to be in every second game, alternating with the fool.

Role description

The Headhunter has no special abilities. On the first night of the game they receive a target on a random village roles. If their target dies in a way other than being lynched, they become a regular villager.

A Target icon will be shown on the Headhunter's target.

Win conditions

The Headhunter wins if their target is lynched by the village. They also can win with the village if they become a villager at some point in the game.

The Headhunter only targets villagers, except for Gunner, Priest, Mayor and Cursed.


  • The Headhunter wins if its target is the Avenger even if the Headhunter gets killed by the Avenger.


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