There are several glitches in Werewolf Online.[1]

Visual Glitches

Not be able to see role/aura (Seer/Aura Seer)

To trigger this bug:

  • Check someone and before the role/aura reveals quit the game. Wait for 10 seconds (make sure there is still enough time for the night!) and go to the game. The purple effect before revealing role/aura is going to be repeat itself.
  • The purple effect will repeat itself due to bad internet connection.

Purple text not appearing

  • Sometimes, these "Night 1 started" and "Day 1 started. Get ready to discuss!" texts won't appear for a whole game. It has no easy trigger option.

Can not send any emoji

  • Trigger option:
    • Just try to send an emoji! It won't be sent even if you write a message with an emoji.

Spirit Seer showing werewolves as clean (Spirit Seer)

  • Spirit seer shows werewolves clean which makes it even weaker. There is no easy trigger option.

Arsonist douse not showing (Arsonist)

  • Recently, as Arsonist, you would not be able to see who you want to douse as well as who you doused before. But this is now fixed at the latest version of the game.

Nightmare Werewolf's aura is good (Aura Seer)

  • Nightmare werewolf sometimes shown as "good" to aura seer. There is no easy trigger option.

Gameplay Glitches

Bombs not exploding (Bomber)

This is a really old bug that hasn't been fixed yet. After placing your bombs, the bombs simply don't explode at the night. It is random and has no easy trigger option.

Game not starting

This is a REALLY rare bug to see. After 16 people joining to a quick game, the countdown does not work at all. But you still can chat which means the server is not frozen. You do not get the plumber hat after that. There is no easy trigger option.

Being couple with yourself or coupling someone with himself/herself (Cupid or as an another role)

Trigger option:

  • This only sometimes work, choose only one player to couple. You might get a chance of getting this bug

Nightmare Werewolf makes everyone sleep (Nightmare Werewolf)

Nightmare werewolf somehow can make everyone sleep for 2 nights. There is no easy trigger option.

Headhunter losing after target dying at the first night while village wins

Trigger option:

  • This sometimes happen due to bad internet connection

Bomber killing himself/herself from his/her own bomb (Bomber)

Bomber sometimes die after putting a bomb to himself/herself. This should not happen normally. No easy trigger option.

Being corrupted (without any message), still being able to chat and vote and die (Corruptor)

Corruptor's target sometime can chat and vote during the day and die after the day. There is also no notification about that you are glitched. No easy trigger option.


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