Werewolf Online has a range of staff that work for them.[1]


Developers are working to modify and update the game. They add new roles and items. The two developers are Philipp Eichhorn and Emanuel Eimer.


WWO support can be contacted through the official email. They deal with purchase errors and log-in problems.

Social Media Managers

The social media managers monitor Werewolf's social media pages.


The guardians look at reports and ban users who break the rules from the game to ensure that it is clean.


The mentors answer questions from users that need help in game.


The translators translate the game into different languages. They answer help questions from people that don't speak English.


The designers create avatar items or full outfits that potentially go into the game. They must have 3 outfits in #vote (on Discord) with at least 50 upvotes and a ratio of 3/1 (60 likes/ 20 likes), or have a design in-game.



The moderators work around the Discord server to ensure that it stays clean. They are also having several responsibilties within the game, manage the translators and more.

Mini Mods

The mini mods help out moderators to ensure everyone respect the rules on the Werewolf Online Discord. They keep things clean and have several abilities that helpers do not, such as muting misbehaving users.


The helpers keep track of everything on the Discord. They answer questions, record suggestions and send bugs to the developers.


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