Invitation rewards can be obtained by inviting friends to the game.[1]

Things to keep in mind

  • To get the reward, you friend needs to win at least a single match.
  • The friend must the use the link that gets generated by pressing the invite button.
  • When the friend signs up, they are automatically added to your friend list.


Friend Reward List
  • 1st friend: 50 gold
  • 2nd friend: 70 gold
  • 3rd friend: Helicopter hat
  • 4th friend: 90 gold
  • 5th friend: Chest
  • 6th friend: 110 gold
  • 7th friend: 1 bouquet of roses
  • 8th friend: 130 gold
  • 9th friend: Glasses
  • 10th friend: 150 gold
  • 11th friend: Chest
  • 12th friend: 170 gold
  • 13th friend: 3 bouquets of roses
  • 14th friend: 210 gold
  • 15th friend: Puppy T-shirt


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