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The Fortune Teller belongs to the village team. [1] Fortune Teller appears as "Unknown".

Role Description

In each game you have 2 cards to give to other players. The players you give cards to can use these cards to reveal their roles.


  • When Fortune Teller selects someone, they will receive the card immediately and can use it every time.
  • Fortune Teller can give cards whenever they want. Doesn't have to give on the first night.
  • However, if Fortune Teller Dies, Selected People will still get their card and can use them.


  • The Fortune Teller can give one or two cards at night.
  • Fortune Teller was released in 0.35.2 update.


  • Don't give both cards in the first night (at random). If you give both cards in the first night and they both are in the hands of evil roles, they can deny that you gave a card. Denying that you have a card can be very efficent because you are able to postpone your death for a long time and gain some trust.
  • Use your cards for confirmin scapegoats. Scapegoats are players with roles that are easy to play for werewolves. They usually tend to avoid killing scapegoats at night because they know that they can kill them at day time. As Fortune Teller, you can save a big "NO" to these werewolves by asking the village "Who wants a card?". Also, say that the Beast Hunter should claim and try to give him a card. The same thing can be said to a bodyguard, Flower Child, Tough Guy, Aura Seer and Doctor. If one of them used a card, they will not be a scapegoat for the werewolves anymore, which will make the investigation process alot easier.
  • Push werewolves to reveal. Look at who acts suspicious and give them a card. Suspicious players are those who do not talk too much and are also not confirmed good either. After you give them a card, insist that him/her reveals their role, and if not, you can lynch or ask for the gunner/marksman/jailer to shoot them in case there's a fool in game.
  • Announce who will get a card before you give it.


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