The Fool is a voting role and has its own team. The Fool always appears alternatively with the Headhunter in all games.[1]

Role description

The Fool has no special abilities besides talking and voting during the day.

Win conditions

The Fool wins the game if they are lynched by the village.


  • Being lynched as Fool overrides all other victory triggers, which includes Sect and Headhunter victory.
  • The Fool used to be able to be revived like the headhunter, but an update removed the Medium's ability to revive Fools, most likely to prevent gamethrowing.
  • If the Fool is lynched while in the sect, the fool will win.
  • If the Fool is the last player alive, village wins.
  • The Fool can be converted to a Zombie.
  • The Fool is known as the Tanner in Werewolf Offline.[2]


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