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The Drink Outfits are one of the monthly offers in Werewolf Online. It can be bought every 28th-30th day of the month. This offer contains 12 different outfit sets and each costs 380 gems. By purchasing the offer, the player will get one random drink outfit and 3 free loot boxes. These outfits were designed by Sad and Kem.


Each outfit set contains 14-17 items which are hats, hairs, shirts, eyes, mouths, glasses, masks, foreground, background, and grave.

The Energy Blast Outfit

The Milk Straw Outfit

The Juice Outfit

The Bubbletea Outfit

The Chocomint Outfit

The Coffee Outfit

The Cola Outfit

The Mojito Outfit

The Purewater Outfit

The Tea Outfit

The Yummy Grape Outfit

The Beer Outfit

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