The Detective is a village role.[1] It is similar to Seer, Aura Seer and Spirit Seer in that it can see facts about a player's role.

Same Team

Different Team

Role description

Each night, the detective selects two players. They will then see immediately if these two players are on the same team or not. If the players are on the same team, the = symbol will be shown. If they are on different teams, the ≠ symbol will be shown.

The possible teams are: Village, werewolves, Fool, Headhunter, Serial Killer, Arsonist, Bomber, etc.

Random Voting roles and Solo Killers are all in their own different solo teams.

The detective's information can be manipulated by Wolf Shaman. If a shamaned villager is checked against another villager, they will appear to be in different teams due to the enchantment.

Win conditions

The Detective wins with the village.


  • In the chat, players use the symbol # to say two players are on different teams.
  • At night, the detectives pick appears as a magnifying glass.

Magnifying Glass


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