Day is a timeline when everyone votes, speaks and discusses who is the werewolf. It is 90 seconds (60 seconds for talking + 30 seconds for voting).[1]

In Custom Games, this time limit can be changed.

Role actions

  • Wolf Shaman: Can choose who to enchant.
  • Nightmare Werewolf: Can choose who to put asleep at night.
  • Junior Werewolf: Can choose who to kill when killed (although this can be done at night as well).
  • Werewolf Berserk: Can choose to announce a frenzy.
  • Avenger: Same as the Junior Werewolf. Can choose who to kill when killed (although this can be done at night as well).
  • Jailer: Can choose who to jail.
  • Mayor: Can choose to reveal Mayor role.
  • Gunner: Can shoot one player.
  • Priest: Can water one player.
  • Pacifist: Can reveal the role of a player.

Role messages

  • Any Village role will be alerted if they have been bitten, converted or revived.
  • Tough Guy: Is alerted to who attacked them or their protected player last night along with the role of player who attacked them.
  • Bodyguard: Told if they or the player they protected was attacked last night.
  • Beast Hunter: Told that their trap killed a werewolf or someone triggered a trap but didn't die (Solo killer/Solo converter).
  • Doctor: Told if the person they protected was attacked.
  • Zombies : Will know if their targets were bitten or if bitten targets converted.
  • Sect Leader : Will know if their target was not converted.
  • Arsonist : Will know if the douse was unsuccessful (if they chose to douse a player in gasoline.)
  • Serial Killer : Will know if their target was not able to be killed.
  • Wolves (All): Will know if their target was not able to be killed.
  • Corruptor Target: Will know if they are corrupted. They will also die at the end of the day.

All other roles will only be able to talk and vote, with the exception of silenced players, and are able to commit suicide (exit the game).


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