The item you get for buying custom games

"Create unlimited games, select which roles appear and host private game parties!" ― In-game description

Custom games are one of the game modes in Werewolf Online.[1]


Custom games must be bought. They cost 2000 gold or $5.99, and buying them unlocks custom games, a special avatar item and gives the player 25 roses. It also gives the player several roles to make a custom game with. If the player wants other roles they must buy them separately.

Base roles

Villager, Gunner, Doctor, Bodyguard, Seer, Jailer, Priest, Aura Seer, Medium, Werewolf, Alpha Werewolf, Wolf Seer, Wolf Shaman, Fool, Headhunter, Serial Killer

Additional roles can be bought for roses or coins. Here are the roles and prices.

Role Cost
Cupid 50 roses
President (1 per game) 50 roses
Pacifist 25 roses
Spirit Seer 25 roses
Sheriff 25 roses
Werewolf Berserk 25 roses
Mayor 75 coins
Grumpy Grandma 75 coins
Seer Apprentice 75 coins
Tough Guy 75 coins
Sorcerer 75 coins
Flower Child 75 coins
Guardian Wolf 75 coins
Beast Hunter 250 coins
Avenger 250 coins
Witch 250 coins
Detective 250 coins
Cursed 250 coins
Marksman 250 coins
Red Lady 250 coins
Junior Werewolf 250 coins
Nightmare Werewolf 250 coins
Random Regular Villager 250 coins
Random Strong Villager 250 coins
Random Werewolf 250 coins
Random Killer 250 coins
Random 250 coins
Arsonist 1000 coins
Sect Leader 1000 coins
Bomber 1000 coins
Zombie 1000 coins
Corruptor 1000 coins
Cannibal 1000 coins


Players who own custom games can create a game with any of the roles they have. Any other player can join their game. The host can also change the time length for night, day and voting, from 1 second to 2 minutes.


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