The Cursed is a role on the Village team.[1]

Role description

The Cursed begins the game on the village team. It is loyal to the village. If the cursed is attacked by the werewolves, it does not die. Instead, it becomes a regular Werewolf. If he is not bitten, the seer sees him as Cursed and the Aura Seer sees him as good. If he gets bitten by the werewolves, the seer sees him as a werewolf. The cursed can also be protected from the bite. Doctor, Bodyguard. Beast Hunter and Jailer can protect him at night.

Win conditions

The Cursed wins with the village if it remains a cursed until the end of the game. However, if it becomes a werewolf, it wins with the wolves.


  • This starts as a Village until attacked by a werewolf.
  • If you bitten by a werewolf, you will become a Regular werewolf



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