Corruptor Victim

Corruptor's victim

The Corruptor is a Solo Killer.[1]

Role description

Each night the Corruptor can select one player to 'glitch'. That player will not be able to speak, vote or send emojis the following day and will die after the voting. That player's role will not be revealed when they die. Instead, it will be replaced by a question mark.

When a person is corrupted, they will receive a message. A glitchy person icon will also show in the middle of the screen.

Win conditions

The Corruptor wins when it is the last player alive.


  • The Corruptor was introduced in the 0.32.6 update.
  • The Corruptor cannot kill a jailed or protected target.
  • If the Corruptor gets lynched or shot by gunner, the "glitched" player will survive and will regain the ability to talk the next day.
  • The glitched person cannot say "...", unlike a player silenced by Grumpy Grandma. The village will also not know who is corrupted.


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